Kwon Hyunbin Romantically Confesses To Comedian Jang Do Yeon That She’s His Ideal Type And Why

I’d have confidence to love her.

Kwon Hyunbin, former member of JBJ, appeared as a guest on TMI News. And he made a surprising confession about his ideal type, and that Jang Do Yeon is who he’s looking for!

When asked about his ideal type, he described someone who was cheerful and someone who had great chemistry with him.

I find myself looking at their personality. [My ideal type] is someone who’s bright and has synergy with me.

— Kwon Hyunbin

Then he suddenly added, “If she’s even half of Jang Do Yeon noona, I’d have confidence to love her.

And look at the smile!! He couldn’t even look at her anymore!!

He proved that he’s been smitten with her as a fan for a long time. He named all of his favorite moments of Jang Do Yeon, all of which were from different shows and events!

And he’s truly a fan!

I saw a lot of videos of her. I saw her teaching Park Na Rae TOEIC, how she was witty in killing time during her acceptance speech because BLACKPINK hadn’t arrived yet, and I always watched her on Comedy Big League clips

— Kwon Hyun Bin

Jang Do Yeon, who was at the scene, blushed as she couldn’t help but shout with glee that someone as dashing as Kwon Hyunbin could name her as an ideal type!

Will these two get to know each other more after his surprising confession? Only time will tell!

Source: Newsen

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