Former PRISTIN Member Kyla Releases Highlight Medley In Anticipation Of Her Upcoming Mini-Album

The girl is back and definitely glowing.

Kyla, formerly from the now disbanded group PRISTIN, posted a mini-album highlight video on her YouTube channel today in anticipation of her solo album’s release on June 14.

The mini-album, titled Watch Me Glow, will be Kyla’s first release as a solo artist. It features five tracks: “Homecoming, the mini-album’s title track “Watch Me Glow,” “Lost,” “Oh La La,” and “Away.”

The five tracks have elements of both EDM and hip-hop in them, reflecting Kyla’s taste and style. It’s a side we haven’t seen much of from her since her early departure from PRISTIN a year ahead of the group’s formal disbandment last year. Even though it’s been over a year since that disbandment, she has made sure to remain in contact with her fans through Twitter.

It goes without saying that her fans are pretty exciting about her upcoming mini-album ever since learning about it from the official announcements on Twitter earlier this month.

The topic of PRISTIN has been a sensitive topic for fans ever since their disbandment. The group had gone nearly a year without almost no promotions of any kind, much less any official releases, leading up to their disbandment. The members had been together as a group for only two years, not including their one year together under the name PLEDIS Girlz. During that time, as PRISTIN, the group released only two mini-albums and a total of only three singles, four if counting their pre-debut single “We.”

Several reasons have been suggested as reasons for Kyla’s early departure from PRISTIN. While both PLEDIS Entertainment and Kyla herself have made official statements, fans are still skeptical despite the amount of time that has passed since those events.

It’s likely fans are still somewhat resentful at the lack of attention, and priority PRISTIN received from their company, especially when compared to labelmates SEVENTEEN and NU’EST. However, it’s a near definite that fans will be more than excited for Kyla’s upcoming release and that they’ll be forever proud of her.

Source: Xports News