Filipina Actress And LAPILLUS Member Chanty Looks Back On Her K-Pop Trainee Schedule—And She Did One Thing Differently

She was a trainee at MLD Entertainment.

LAPILLUSChanty was a Filipina actress growing up, and now she’s active as a K-Pop idol!

Chanty as an actress in the Philippines last 2020 | @itsmaria.chantal/Instagram
Chanty as a K-Pop idol at present

The Filipina-Argentinian celebrity sat down for an interview with POPKORN alongside actress Noreen Joyce Guerra to detail her experience in South Korea.

Noreen (left) and Chanty (right)

One of the key memories she shared was her K-Pop trainee life in 2021 after being scouted by MLD Entertainment, the same company that houses MOMOLAND.

She endured the same tough training as her fellow Korean and non-Korean members. Like other K-Pop companies, MLD Entertainment required their trainees to clock in for almost half of the day.

Our training schedule was Monday through Saturday. 11 AM to 10 PM.

— Chanty

Though it was a long period that extended until late at night, Chanty thought it was insufficient. She and the other girls still wanted to do individual training even after the official one ended.

It feels really short so you would want to still train more. You would go home around 12 AM to 3 AM.

— Chanty

Chanty, however, held back from doing so. This was because she prioritized her safety when walking from the company area back to the dorms.

I [didn’t] usually do that because [I was] scared to go home by myself.

— Chanty

Fortunately, she was still able to get enough practice to be placed in the debut lineup. The actress-turned-idol was introduced as a trainee of MLD Entertainment on November 26, 2021 and made her debut on June 20, 2022.

Check out the full video below to learn more about her.

Source: YouTube
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