Goo Hara Posthumously Releases New Music Video For Track From Her Album Midnight Queen

It’s as though she’s giving us the chance to say goodbye, one last time.

Late last year, the beautiful, talented, and kind-hearted Goo Hara was discovered to have passed away in her home. It has been difficult for everyone, from people who knew Goo Hara personally to fans of the idol, to come to terms with the empty space her death left in their hearts. Her brother also shared a heartbreaking tribute to her on what would have been her 30th birthday.

Unexpectedly, a new music video for Goo Hara’s track “Hello”, which was from her Midnight Queen album, was released on January 12. The song has a melancholy feel to it and is a poignant tribute to the late singer.

Source: LOG-IN/YouTube

Fans have been left struggling to cope with mixed feelings—the joy at a beautiful but heartbreaking new MV release from Goo Hara, the sadness of her absence, and the bittersweet sadness of the fact that she isn’t here to enjoy its release with them.

Although we can only speculate, being the gentle soul she was, Goo Hara likely wouldn’t want fans to be sad. So, we hope they find solace with her latest, and perhaps, last music video release.