Goo Hara’s Fans Indignant Over The News That Her Parents Are Set To Inherit Her Wealth

South Korean law states that if no will is left behind, the family will become beneficiaries.

Late last month, Goo Hara was found passed away in her home in Cheongdam-dong. Her cause of death was never revealed and after receiving testimony from her family, they deemed it unlikely to be a homicide and did not conduct an autopsy.

As fans are still struggling to cope with their grief over losing such a bright light in a dark world, they were hit with the news that Goo Hara’s parents are set to inherit her wealth. Fans have long known that after Goo Hara’s parents divorced, she went to live with her aunt and would often cook dinner for herself. She threw herself into working hard to achieve her dreams of becoming a star and did so without the help of her parents.


This knowledge has led many fans to be understandably indignant and angry as they believe the inheritance should instead go to her aunt, who took care of her when her parents chose to neglect their duties after their divorce. While there are also fans who suggested that Goo Hara and her parents may have reconciled in recent years without making it public knowledge, the sentiment largely remains that they are undeserving of her hard-earned money.

If Goo Hara did not have a will in place at the time of her passing, her parents will become the beneficiaries of her assets, as per South Korean law.

Regardless of what ends up happening, we hope that her fans and loved ones will find peace and comfort in these difficult times.

Goo Hara's Passing

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