The Touching Response Of Late Park Ji Sun’s Father To A Hate Comment Resurfaced Online

Her father commented on a netizen’s hateful attack on her appearance.

In light of the devastating news of Park Ji Sun and her mother’s passing, a comment that her father once left on a hate post attacking late Park Ji Sun’s appearance resurfaced in the online community.

Back in 2007, one netizen inappropriately attacked Park Ji Sun for her appearance.

Is Park Ji Sun actually a woman???? Everyone’s saying she’s a woman, but I think she looks like a man!! Somebody clarify!

— Netizen

And late Park Ji Sun’s father immediately responded with a full description of Park Ji Sun’s outstanding personality and character.

Starting with how she was born, late Park Ji Sun’s father proudly detailed his daughter’s best qualities.

Park Ji Sun, who was born as a healthy baby of 3.1 kilograms at 7:05 PM on November 3, 1984, was a very hardworking student who was a top student in elementary, middle, and high school. I’ve never told her to study. She had such good grades that she got into Korea University.

— Late Park Ji Sun’s Father

He also provided proof of just how kind of a person late Park Ji Sun was.

Ji Sun doesn’t even have a proper autograph. She feels bad for the first person she gave an autograph to, so she couldn’t change it. No matter how famous she becomes, she’s not the type to be full of herself. Park Ji Sun is thoughtful and considerate. I wish my daughter both health and development.

— Late Park Ji Sun’s Father

Lastly, late Park Ji Sun’s father expressed his confidence that nothing could ever get his daughter down after all she had been through.

Just like how she went to university after much hardship, I believe Ji Sun will overcome any obstacle that comes her way.

— Late Park Ji Sun’s Father

It’s been reported that Park Ji Sun was receiving treatment at a hospital for an illness while her mother stayed with her in Seoul during the process. While a suicide note written by her late mother was found, the police are still currently investigating the detailed cause of their passing.

Source: Insight