Latest Episode of “Run! BTS” Already The Most Viewed Ever

Their reach is growing unbelievably fast.

The season premiere (episode 57) of “Run! BTS”, BTS’s variety show was uploaded to Korean streaming platform vlive on the 1st of January and it is already the most viewed episode ever!

It is currently sitting at 8,650,000+ views on vlive which ranks it as the most viewed episode of all time.

The previous record was held by episode 31 of the series which was released over a year ago. That episode currently sits at 8,610,000+ views. You can watch that iconic episode below:

The fact that episode 57 got that many views in just 3 days proves how large ARMY has grown recently.

This is further evidenced by other metrics, such as twitter statistics:

…YouTube statistics:

BTS YouTube Stats Prove How Global They Are

… and sales!

BTS Sold Over 2.3 Million Physical Albums In 2018

BTS ARMY continues to grow at an unfathomable pace and will most likely continue to do so as the boys keep showcasing their immense talent.