The Latest Heart Pose Trend That Is Taking Over The K-Pop World

It’s the best of both worlds.

K-Pop idols are required to be camera-ready on all occasions, and learning how to strike cute poses effortlessly is one of the key skills they need to master. For the longest time, making a “heart” pose has been the go-to cute move for K-Celebs, but this staple pose has undergone drastic transformations with time.

Until a few years ago, the heart pose had some typical variations — palms connected in a heart shape, arms making a heart over the head, and the uber-famous finger heart, to name a few.

NewJeans’ Hanni
BTS’s Jimin

Then came the “apple heart” trend, also called the “Chuu heart,” because former LOONA member Chuu created the pose. It starts out as a round apple shape—then, you mime biting into it to make a heart shape.

Next came the cheek heart trend, where you make half a heart shape with one hand and place it next to your cheek.


Perhaps the most Gen Z equivalent of the heart pose is the recent trend of making the heart with only your index fingers and thumbs.


But now, a new heart pose is sweeping the K-Pop world, and multiple idols have already hopped onto the trend. It is the heart-with-kitty-ears pose. It combines the classic heart pose with the cat pose, which was a raging trend in 2020 among idols. You make the heart with your middle fingers and thumbs while using your index fingers to create cat ears above the heart’s arches.

Here are some of the idols who were recently caught doing this trending pose:

1. NewJeans’ Haerin

2. Hyunjin (Former LOONA)

| @hyunjinab/Instagram

3. NMIXX’s Sullyoon

4. NewJeans’ Hanni

| Phoning

5. Weeekly’s ZOA and tripleS’s Jiwoo

| @_weeekly/Instagram

6. The Boyz’s Juyeon