LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae And Aespa’s Karina Get Into A Celebrity Face-Off, But Not The Way You’d Think

Who is the bigger star?

LE SSERAFIM and aespa are the two most prominent fourth-generation girl groups in K-Pop right now. Recently, some of the members of the groups had a chance to catch up on camera, and it unexpectedly turned into a face-off.

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Karina and NingNing from aespa appeared as guests on LE SSERAFIM maknae Eunchae‘s show, Eunchae’s Star Diary, on May 18, KST.

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Since the interview happens backstage at Music Bank, Eunchae always walks up to her guests’ green room and escorts them to her green room to conduct it. This time too, she excitedly approached aespa’s door and was immediately captivated by Karina and NingNing’s beauty. NingNing was also visibly hyped, and she busted into the moves of LE SSERAFIM’s “Unforgiven” while walking behind the host.

When the trio finally sat down to start the interview, suddenly, there was an air of competition between the two parties to determine who was the bigger celebrity. Eunchae remarked that seeing the aespa members up front made her realize what it feels to see stars in real life.

Karina immediately replied. “You’re a celebrity too…” but that did nothing to dampen Eunchae’s enthusiasm to establish how big a fan she is. The LE SSERAFIM member revealed that during her trainee days, she used to dance to “Black Mamba.” and even got caught dancing to it with a broken ankle and was scolded by her teacher.

Both the aespa members were surprised to hear that Eunchae spontaneously went to that extent to dance to their song. In response, Karina decided to hit back with her own story about Eunchae’s star power. She revealed that her one and only “celebrity” friend, ITZY‘s Ryujin is a big fan of the LE SSERAFIM maknae and both of them were very excited to see LE SSERAFIM perform during the year-end award shows. The aespa leader also said that she had bragged about getting to appear on Eunchae’s show to Ryujin earlier that day.

Eunchae then revealed that when ITZY and LE SSERAFIM were performing on stage together during KBS Song Festival, the senior group was very kind to her. She added that during one of the year-end award shows, when LE SSERAFIM and aespa were at he backstage together, the aespa members also showed kind consideration towards their juniors and helped them keep warm amidst the cold temperature.

As if this celebrity face-off turned behind story reveal was not wholesome enough, Karina put the cherry on top with one simple yet meaningful remark, “We gotta support each other.

We love to see girls win together!

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