LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Suddenly Burst Into Tears During Practice, And The Members Showed Their True Personalities

Our maknae… 😭

LE SSERAFIM makes the choreography for “ANTIFRAGILE” look easy, but the members recently revealed the hardships behind the scenes that went into perfecting the tiring dance moves.

They shared the song requires a lot of stamina to perform, and it only became more difficult when they attempted to perform it with heavy-duty “brick” boots and sneakers they would wear as part of the song’s concept.

The giant shoes put an even harder spin on the song’s performance.

However, it wasn’t until maknae Eunchae attempted this part of the choreography that the shoes became a problem.

Having to get stand up quickly from a kneeling position, the stiff shoes made it near impossible for her to get the move right in time with the music.

Her members cheered her on again and again as she received special lessons from their choreographer and repeatedly attempted the move.

Eventually, when she couldn’t get the move, she became frustrated and began to cry. The members immediately came to her side and console her…

…and even did a group cheer for her!

You’re awesome! You’re awesome! Hong Eunchae is the best!


Even during their break time, Eunchae continued to practice the move…

…and eventually got it right! Just as excited as she was, her members immediately surrounded her and cheered for her as she did an encore performance of the move. Ending it all with a group hug, they truly love their maknae!

Watch the full clip below.