LE SSERAFIM Eunchae’s Awkward Meeting With IVE’s Leeseo And Liz Turns Into A Fanmeeting

“I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity…”

On LE SSERAFIM member Eunchae‘s fifth episode of her variety show, Eunchae’s Star Diary, she interviewed two IVE members. It was an awkward encounter at first, but it soon became a time of “fangirling” and supporting one another.

The LE SSERAFIM member went to IVE’s dressing room to call members Liz and Leeseo out, and they shyly walked to Eunchae’s dressing room—the three of them coordinated in jean fashion.

Liz, Leeseo, and Eunchae (left to right) | KBS Kpop/YouTube

The three sat awkwardly on a yellow picnic blanket and tried to break the ice.

Eunchae, Leeseo, and Liz (left to right) | KBS Kpop/YouTube

Eunchae mentioned she met Leeseo during their joint performance of “Love Like Oxygen,” originally by SHINee, at the 2022 KBS Song Festival.

On the other hand, it was the first time Eunchae and Liz met each other. Liz, however, had a “fangirl” moment as she noted that she only saw Eunchae through the screen, and Leeseo said she felt like she was “meeting a celebrity.” Eunchae said she felt the same way about meeting the IVE members.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube 

Liz and Leeseo also shared they have watched Eunchae’s Star Diary episodes since it started five episodes ago.

Eunchae then asked the two IVE members questions regarding their music, including what they usually focus on most during a comeback.

This time, the concepts were different fron what we did before, so I focused a lot on that. I had be powerful then for ‘Kitsch’ I had to be kitschy. I had to try twice or three times harder than before.

— Liz

IVE performing “Kitsch” | MBCkpop/YouTube

The two IVE members also shared what their favorite songs were. Leeseo chose the sub-track “Shine With Me” as her favorite song and pointed out that member Jang Wonyoung wrote the lyrics. Liz chose “I AM” as her favorite song, with a part she sings in the second verse being her favorite part of the song.

| KBS 

Eunchae also mentioned that the song was as high as veteran singer So Chanwhee‘s song, “Tears,” and she even shared maknae moments with Leeseo as the youngest members of their groups.

Liz then showed her true FEARNOT status by confessing she watched LE SSERAFIM’s vlogs and self-concept videos, including them packing for their Japan trip.

I must be a true fan.

— Liz

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

Eunchae also confessed that she does the same and watched IVE’s videos, such as the one of Liz cooking madeleine cookies.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

As they got to know one another, the three got more comfortable. By the end of the video, they were no longer awkward—instead, they were busy “fangirling” and supporting one another!

Watch the whole interview from Eunchae’s Star Diary here.



Source: Eunchae's Star Diary
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