LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae And IVE’s Leeseo Expose The One Common Struggle Of All “Maknae”

Maknaes unite!

LE SSERAFIM‘s maknae Eunchae has been killing it with her variety show Eunchae’s Star DiaryFor its fifth episode, fans got to see an epic K-Pop crossover, as Liz and Leeseo from IVE appeared as guests on the show. This was the first time members of the two leading fourth-generation girl groups were to be seen interacting on camera and off-stage, which had many viewers excited.

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Though the episode started off with some awkwardness between the host and the guests, soon enough, the three were bonding over the mutual fangirling of each other’s groups. Liz and Eunchae broke the ice confessing how deep they are in each other’s fandoms, to the point where they also check out each other’s behind-the-scenes content!

LE SSERAFIM Eunchae’s Awkward Meeting With IVE’s Leeseo And Liz Turns Into A Fanmeeting

When it came to Leeseo, Eunchae brought up something that both of them could relate to on a personal level. Both of them are the youngest members of their respective groups and are very close in age, Eunchae being a 2006 liner and Leeseo a 2007 liner. As the maknaes of their groups, the two singers quickly bonded over shared difficulties of their position in the group.

Eunchae mentioned that she recently watched an IVE vlog where Leeseo was reluctant to get her hair styled in pigtails for her High School Entrance Ceremony and found it relatable. Leeseo responded by saying that she dislikes wearing pigtails when she is by herself.

Eunchae immediately agreed and shared her disdain over the fact that maknaes are often given that hairstyle because of their childlike public image. When Liz joined in, saying that maknaes suit the hairstyle a lot, the younger duo immediately paired up in playful protest. Leeseo responded that the unnies never have to do pigtails, and Eunchae agreed that they all get to keep their hair pretty and straight.

This little bonding session between the youngest members of the two most beloved girl groups in K-Pop has derived some sweet reactions from netizens, most of whom seem to agree with Liz that pigtails-and-maknaes is the cutest combination.

| theqoo
  • “But you’re too cute, LOL.”
  • “Them saying unnies straighten their hair and look pretty, LOL. Really, too cute.”
  • “You guys can do it because you’re cute and adorable. It’s the maknae privilege.”
  • “Them saying the unnies get to have pretty hair is so maknae-like, LOL. That’s right…it’s that age when straight hair seems pretty, LOL.”
  • “They’re really so cute…”
| theqoo
  • “You’re cute…that’s why they do it!!”
  • “Ah, really cute…LOL.”
  • “LOL, why? Pigtails are so cute, though!”
  • “Oh my, they’re cute. I wish I could see both of them together in pigtails just once haha.”
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