LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon And Huh Yunjin Involved In Minor Car Accident, Schedules Cancelled

Get well soon, girls.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin were involved in a minor car accident, leading to the cancellation of the group’s performances on M! Countdown and Music Bank.

Source Music shared the news in a post in English on the group’s Weverse page.


We want to provide you with the following information regarding the current health status and future schedule of members of LE SSERAFIM.

On Wednesday, October 19, the vehicle carrying LE SSERAFIM members KIM CHAEWON and HUH YUNJIN was involved in a minor car accident. Thankfully, none of the members or the staff on board were significantly injured, and they immediately visited a hospital where they received a diagnosis and treatment.

The medical examination showed that both members acquired mild muscle pain and bruises, and the medical staff advised them to receive conservative treatment for a while.

As recommended by the medical staff, LE SSERAFIM’s participation in Mnet <M COUNTDOWN> on Thursday, October 20, KBS2 <Music Bank> on Friday, October 21, has been canceled. Fan sign events scheduled for Friday, October 21, and Saturday, October 22, will be rescheduled, and the event winners will receive a separate notice. We ask for your kind understanding.

We will schedule future activities, putting our artist’s health as a top priority. We will do our best to aid KIM CHAEWON and HUH YUNJIN’s treatment and recovery so that they can return in total health to their fans as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

— Source Music

LE SSERFIM just made their comeback with their second mini album, Antifragile.

Source: Weverse
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