LE SSERAFIM’s Latest “Louis Vuitton” Campain Met With Mixed Reactions

“They really don’t match Louis Vuitton.”

LE SSERAFIM‘s latest photoshoot with designer fashion brand Louis Vuitton has been met with mixed reactions.

LE SSERAFIM | Louis Vuitton

On October 13, an online post titled “LE SSERAFIM X Louis Vuitton’s Newly Released Photos” gained attention.

Chaewon | Louis Vuitton
Kazuha | Louis Vuitton

In the post, the author uploaded several new stills of LE SSERAFIM donned in Louis Vuitton’s latest wears.

Sakura | Louis Vuitton
Yunjijn | Louis Vuitton
Eunchae | Louis Vuitton

The photo stills are part of the luxury brand’s latest campaign. The post also shared a video of the idols shot for the fashion house.

Netizens had a mixed reaction to the photos, with many stating that they didn’t think the brand and the group were a good match. Still, there were others who defended the group, stating they looked wonderful.

  • “It doesn’t even remotely feel like Louis Vuitton.”
  • “They really don’t match Louis Vuitton.”
  • “Besides Kazuha, none of the members look good.”
  • “This came out perfectly fine, no? The outfits aren’t too out there either.”
  • “I had such high hopes, but they really don’t match (the brand) ㅠ. They look so old.”
  • “Chaewon Yunjin and Kazuha came out good.”
  • “Thanks to their good posture, the clothes look even better.”
  • “Kazuha looks good, but it’s overall pretty meh.”

What are your thoughts?


Source: theqoo