LE SSERAFIM Agrees There’s Only One Member Who Always Ghosts Their Group Chat—Even On Birthdays

She had a good explanation for it!

LE SSERAFIM recently sat down for an interview with Buzzfeed Celeb where they played a game of “Who’s Who.” One of the questions they tackled is a popular one among the current generation—ghosting! They were asked, “Who is the most likely to ghost in the group chat?

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

There may be five members, but they all picked the same person without any hesitation, saying, “This is so easy.” It was no other than former ballerina Kazuha.

With smiles on their faces, they good-naturedly teased her and begged her to reply to their messages.


Yunjin went on to share a related anecdote about it. She recalled the day they had all planned to greet maknae Eunchae a happy birthday the moment the clock struck 12 a.m. The three members successfully greeted her on the dot, and they waited expectantly for Kazuha to do the same. However, they didn’t see any text message from her.

We were trying to text right at about 12 a.m. I was even in the middle of quarantine and still left a ‘Happy Birthday’ voice message. She was the only one who didn’t send a text.

— Yunjin

But Kazuha had a good excuse for missing the agreed time! She was busy taking a shower and had to stop for a second after stepping out of the bathroom because of how cold she was.

I checked my phone as soon as I stepped out of the shower. I was freezing with my hair soaking wet.

— Kazuha

Kazuha then confirmed that she did in fact greet Eunchae afterwards. She may not be the fastest at replying, but there’s no doubt she cherishes her members!

  • Sakura: You sent it?
  • Kazuha: Yes.
  • Sakura: Good job.
  • Yunjin. Thank you.

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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