LE SSERAFIM And NewJeans Go Viral With New Unexpected Footage Of Behind-The-Scenes Meeting

It doesn’t get cuter than this friendship.

LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans have become good friends in the time since they debuted in 2022, and new behind-the-scenes footage of one of their interactions is definitive proof.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

The two groups made fans happy with their many wholesome interactions at the 37th Golden Disc Awards on January 7. From LE SSERAFIM’s new nickname to Sakura trying to protect Hanni and Eunchae‘s innocence

…the two groups proved that they are more than just comfortable with each other, which they also did in a new clip that is now going viral.

In the recent documentary Fill In The Blank, FEARNOT (fans of LE SSERAFIM) got an inside look at Chaewon‘s journey as an artist. It was filled with touching moments, including testimonies from many of the closest people in Chaewon’s life, such as her former IZ*ONE members.

LE SSERAFIMโ€™s Chaewon | @_chaechae_1/Instagram

But there was also an unexpected clip from LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans meetup that fans are unlikely to forget any time soon. In 2022, both groups participated in Yonsei Universityโ€™s AKARAKA festival, where LE SSERAFIM impressed not only with their performance but also with their insane reaction time.

Yet, the highlight of the event may have actually happened behind the scenesโ€”when LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans finally met up. Fans were thrilled to see the unexpected clip…

…not least because it showed the adorable giant group hug that the members shared.

The moment is now going viral, with Yunjin and Hanni’s hug gaining particular attention.

While the groups’ interactions at award shows were already more than enough to prove their wholesome friendship, this clip is certainly more than welcome! With any luck, we’ll be seeing much more of them in the near future.