LE SSERAFIM’s Pop-Up Store Includes Their Logo Shape In The Most Creative Way, And Fans Are Loving It

Their marketing team is on another level!

Last week,Β LE SSERAFIM fans got a sneak peek at the numerous goods that will be sold at the group’s first pop-up shop, set to open from April 26 until May 7 in Seoul.

The goods feature a variety of athleticwear and other accessories that fit perfectly with LE SSERAFIM’s sporty vibe, and it’s all monochromatic and minimalistic in a way that could suit anyone.

With the grand opening of the shop just around the corner, construction has been underway of the pop-up shop that has fans’ anticipation growing.

And now, it’s been revealed that the shop front of the pop-up store was designed to look like LE SSERAFIM’s logo!

LE SSERAFIM’s pop-up shop front | Instiz

Fans are loving the unique design that makes the store unmistakably LE SSERAFIM’s, thanks to the group’s creative marketing team.

It was also recently revealed that the shop will include dessert and drink options that are a collaboration between LE SSERAFIM’s members and local artisans, and they all look delicious!

Overall, the pop-up shop is already proving to be a hit among fans even prior to its opening, based on these comments on a forum post discussing it.

We’re envious of anyone that is able to make it to this limited-time shop!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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