LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Has A Crazy Good Memory, And She Uses It In Two Impressive Ways

Few people can do the same!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura has many skills, and one of them is her great memory! It’s so good, she uses it in two impressive ways. The SOURCE MUSIC girl group talked all about it in a recent episode of WORLD-CLASS K-DOL.

It all started when MC Christian Burgos read the Japanese member’s profile out loud and was surprised to see “crazy memory” as one of the adjectives used to describe her. She and Yunjin confirmed that it’s true.

  • Christian Burgos: There’s crazy memory here. Do you think that’s right? Do the other members agree?
  • Yunjin: I think it’s right.
  • Sakura: I have a good memory.

And even her members rely on her good memory! According to Yunjin, they always turn to Sakura when they have questions regarding their schedules. She can easily tell them what they have lined up—and she’d be right each time.

  • Yunjin: If we’re curious about our schedules, “Sakura, when’s this happening again?” She has everything memorized and can tell us what’s on which day.
  • Christian Burgos: So you don’t have to ask your manager?
  • Yunjin: Yes… She has all the answers.

Finally, she herself joked that she’s Manager Sakura. But the most impressive part about her crazy memory is how she remembers most of the fans who come to see them. It may sound impossible given the sheer number of FEARNOT in the world, but even her members vouched for it!

  • Sakura: Yes, I’m Manager Sakura. I remember many of the fans too.
  • LE SSERAFIM: That’s right.

In the same episode, LE SSERAFIM revealed what they really think about maknae Eunchae poking fun at them. Learn what they said in the article below.

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