LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Voices Out Support For LGBTQ+ Community And Reveals Plans To Sing About “Universal Love”

She previously praised a queer film.

There aren’t many idols who openly discuss LGBTQ+ issues and proudly side with the community. LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura, however, has never hesitated to voice out her support.


A few years ago, Sakura was a regular contributor of Spa!, a popular magazine based in Japan. One of her most well-known reviews was about the queer movie Close-Knit (Karera Ga Honki De Amu Toki Wa in Japanese).

The film centers on the life of an 11-year-old girl who forms a close bond with Rinko, her uncle’s transgender girlfriend, after she is abandoned by her own mother.

Close-Knit | Suurkiitos

In Sakura’s review, she posits that “there is no right or wrong answer” when it comes to love. She observed that love can occur between all genders, and there is no set rule for it.

However, given the lack of acceptance in Japan for homosexuality, she argued that there is a strong need for the country to better understand it.

When it comes to falling in love, between who and who should it take place? Is the right answer male and female? For human emotions, there is no right or wrong answer. Love between men, love between women, it’s fine that they exist. And in my opinion, Japan needs to deepen its understanding of homosexuality.

— Sakura

Additionally, the “FEARLESS” singer praised transgenders for fighting against discrimination in society by accepting who they are and living the way they want to live.

People who are referred to as transgender, they live life while being true to their hearts and there are many who think of being transgender as part of their identity.

— Sakura

Several years may have passed since the film review was released, but Sakura’s words continue to leave a deep impact on those who chance upon it—and the interviewer of Weverse Magazine is one of them.

You also wrote a movie column in Japan. I was really impressed with your review of Close-Knit, where you said, ‘We need to develop a better understanding of LGBTQ community.’

— Weverse Magazine

She looked back on that time and shared that idols were hesitant to publicize their views on the topic. She was one of the few who not only refused to let it bother her but also openly voiced her support.

There was actually an atmosphere of caution around idols speaking their minds around that time. But I thought I could say that anyway. Idols don’t just sing and dance on stage—they can also be role models for people, and someone who is always by their side for others.

— Sakura

And because she was aware of how much influence she holds as a celebrity, she didn’t withhold her thoughts. She wanted to use her voice to bring awareness to the issue.

So I wanted to let people know there were others with these kinds of thoughts, and I also thought that if an idol was talking about the issue that even more people could become aware of it, too.

— Sakura

Finally, she revealed that LE SSERAFIM’s future songs may be about love. Knowing this, she hopes that the lyrics can be centered on “love that’s universal” and transcends traditional views.

Some day, our group might sing a song about love, and I have this idea that I’d like to sing about love that’s universal.

— Sakura

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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