The Members Of LE SSERAFIM Showcase Their True Character With Their Treatment Of Fans Outside Showcase Venue

Thoughtful queens!

LE SSERAFIM are making netizens feel warm with the way they treated fans outside their showcase venue, something that really showed the members’ true character.


LE SSERAFIM are gearing up for their exciting first comeback, ANTIFRAGILE.


While the group’s “FEARLESS” debut era has already given fans more than enough iconic moments (most recently at the 2022 The Fact Music Awards), ANTIFRAGILE promises to be even better. The album trailer alone already had fans in love…

…but as the comeback release dates continues to creep closer (October 17), fans are already finding themselves praising it. LE SSERAFIM were due to hold a comeback showcase in which they performed the tracks from the new album, and the lucky fans who attended it have had nothing but good things to say about it.

But besides being mindblown by the performance, netizens were also particularly struck by LE SSERAFIM’s treatment of fans outside of the showcase venue.

Unfortunately, the day of the showcase had pretty heavy rain. Fans who had to wait outside were forced to stand in the rain and cold without much protection, and the members did not fail to notice that. In a heartwarming show of appreciation, LE SSERAFIM personally came out to meet the fans who were waiting outside, despite the weather and their busy schedule.

Sakura | @laviensakura/Twitter
Chaewon (left) and Kazuha (right)
(From left to right) Sakura, Eunchae, and Yunjin | @elsserafim/Twitter

Naturally, the members gained praise for their visuals in real life…

…but it was mainly their decision to come out that left FEARNOTs feeling touched, as it proved just how much fans really mean to the members.

While K-Pop idols often do thoughtful things to show their appreciation for fans, such as giving gift boxes or snacks, LE SSERAFIM came out in person! This may be only their first comeback, but the members are true superstars already. They not only constantly impress fans with their talent…

…but they also always make sure to show their heartfelt appreciation for them!


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