More Than Bandmates: LE SSERAFIM Show Unwavering Support For Yunjin’s Solo Set At Weverse Con

Let’s just say they brought their A-game in being the ultimate fans.

When the artist lineup for the 2023 Weverse Con Festival dropped, LE SSERAFIM fans pretty much lost their collective minds – and for good reason. Not only was the powerhouse K-Pop group set to rock the stage, but their very own Yunjin was on the docket for a solo performance too! We knew this was going to be epic, but nobody was prepared for just how fun it would get.

Kicking off her solo set, Yunjin took the stage by storm with her power anthem, “I ≠ DOLL.” The track set the tone for her entire performance, which was nothing short of jaw-dropping. But Yunjin wasn’t done surprising her fans.

The LE SSERAFIM star dropped a brand new song, “Blessing in Disguise,” much to the delight of the audience. Following up, she brought Jukjae out for a couple of beautiful collabs on “Say” and “Raise Y_our Glass.” The duo’s energy was off the charts, making every minute of her set totally worth it.

Now, here’s where things got super adorable. Among the sea of fans losing their minds over Yunjin’s solo, guess who we spotted? Yep, the rest of LE SSERAFIM!

They were right there in the crowd, cheering their lungs out, waving banners, and even chanting along with the fan chants. Let’s just say they brought their A-game in being the ultimate fans.

I mean, can we talk about how cool this is? There they were, some of the biggest names in the industry, acting like total fangirls for their friend. The ladies didn’t just show up, they SHOWED UP! They were shouting, cheering, and overall having a blast.

And if you thought that was the end of it, brace yourself. As Yunjin wrapped up her set and gave her farewells, guess who shouted the loudest, “Don’t leave?” You got it – LE SSERAFIM. Their high energy and enthusiastic cheering was proof of the sisterly love they have for each other, which was nothing short of heartwarming to see.

The moral of this epic tale? LE SSERAFIM’s members aren’t just bandmates; they’re also each other’s biggest fans. This isn’t just about their impressive music career; it’s also about the bonds they’ve formed, the friendships they’ve cultivated, and the mutual respect they have for each other. This show of unity is not only inspiring but also incredibly endearing, and fans absolutely love to see it.

So, as we look forward to more LE SSERAFIM performances and more solo sets from the members, one thing’s for sure – they’ve got each other’s backs, every step of the way.