LE SSERAFIM′s Yunjin In Hot Waters With Soccer Fans Because Of Her Weverse Comment About Messi

A harmless joke or really an insult?

A recent comment made by LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin regarding soccer player Messi has attracted some negative attention from Korean netizens.

| @jenaissante/Instagram

On February 12, an account on the fan communication platform Weverse, posted, “If you comment, I’ll stop playing soccer.” The commenter’s profile picture and display name were both of Messi’s, implying that the OP (original poster) was jokingly posing as the legendary soccer player.

Yunjin commented on the post, saying, “Eyy, I should’ve replied a few months earlier.” And this very comment has ticked off many. Yunjin’s mention of “few months earlier” implied that she was referring to Argentina’s World Cup win under the captaincy of Messi.

The assumption that Yunjin was not happy with the win didn’t sit right with many, while some netizens pointed out that her tone was obviously not serious.

  • “He’s an all-time legendary player in the whole worldㅋㅋㅋ seriously, she lost her mind.”
  • “She deserved the hate from the foreign football fansㅋㅋ.”
  • “What was she thinking when commenting that???”
  • “F*ck, I’m a fan of Messi, and Huh Yunjin was likable to me, but I take it back, f*ck.”
  • “That aside, she deleted her comment after receiving hate from fans overseas.”
  • “Huh, isn’t this just a joke..? Why is everyone so enraged?”
  • “If someone with Huh Yunjin’s profile picture said I will retire as a singer if you comment, would that feel good?”

Since the issue blew up, Yunjin seems to have deleted her comment from the Weverse post.