LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Opens Up About Experiencing Similar Pre-Debut Hardships As Fellow Member Kazuha

They didn’t have it easy.

LE SSERAFIM is no stranger to setbacks and difficulties. The five members have been vocal about their insecurities during the formation of the group. Yunjin talked about it once more in a recent Weverse Magazine interview to commemorate their “Unforgiven” comeback.


Here, her history was brought up including how supportive she is of her fellow band mates in their new careers.

It’s clear the other members feel deeply about your consideration toward them as well—for example, in K-Pop Generation, when you asked Kazuha if she ‘felt excitement’ about moving on from ballet.

— Weverse Magazine

Kazuha (Left) and Yunjin (Right) | @le_sserafim/Twitter

The interviewer referred to Kazuha’s former career as a ballerina. She even studied in the Dutch National Ballet Academy before choosing to leave to pursue a career in the volatile K-Pop market.

Yunjin reminisced on having a similar setback pre-debut. Instead of ballet, however, she had to choose between becoming a K-Pop idol or continuing her passion in classical music while being a normal college student.

Zuha and I have gone through a lot of similar things. Come to think of it, I used to get a bit serious whenever I had to talk about when I changed from classical singing to pop music or how I chose to come to Korea instead of going to college.

— Yunjin

Yunjin Pre-Debut

As fans are well aware of, she played musical roles pre-debut and even continued to sing opera in various LE SSERAFIM schedules.

Like Kazuha, Yunjin was also in the process of studying before making the tough choice to turn her life around in South Korea. The latter told viewers in the group’s The World Is My Oyster documentary that she had all but quit the K-Pop idol dream after joining Produce 48 and being a long-time trainee.

Actually, I had been getting calls from other companies as well but I was planning on going back to school. I thought I had nothing left to do with K-Pop.

Yunjin opened up about having to “walk a difficult road” throughout the past few years. Fortunately, it was all worth it in the end.

I used to think, ‘Why do I always have to walk a difficult road?’ But if I think about it, it’s because I have to take the difficult road to see, learn and feel more. I feel like it’s okay to walk that road, even if it’s a winding one, as long as I’m with LE SSERAFIM. Because we’re taking it together…when I look back now, I wasn’t really that afraid. I was more excited to finally be taking steps toward achieving my dreams. I guessed that maybe Zuha felt the same way.

— Yunjin

Source: Weverse Magazine and YouTube


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