LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Leaves Fans Spellbound In Pre-debut Performance Clip Of An Iconic TWICE Track

She has always been a slayer!

Huh Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM has won the hearts of millions with her breathtaking visuals, funny personality, and fierce stage presence ever since her debut. An old video clip of her pre-debut performance is now doing rounds on social media, shocking fans with her powerhouse vocals.

In the short clip, Yunjin can be seen belting out “Feel Special,” the iconic 2019 TWICE title track that had the entire country on a hold. The video shows Yunjin executing the choreography flawlessly while singing along to Jihyo’s part without any difficulty.

From her outfit to the way she executed the performance confidently has reminded many netizens of Jihyo, the leader and vocal powerhouse of TWICE.

Covering any song by the group live is a herculean task, given their signature intense choreography. The fact that Yunjin could pull it off so effortlessly, even before she debuted as an idol, speaks volumes of her competence as a performer. Seems like those Opera-singing days have built Huh Yunjin into a beast performer since day 1!

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