LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Dishes On How She Started Singing Opera And The Story Behind Her “Phantom Of The Opera” Role

She left viewers speechless!

In a recent episode of Leemujin Service, LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin left viewers in awe with her covers of “ANTIFRAGILE,” “Slow,” “NAPPA,” and “Our Summer.” When she wasn’t singing, she and host Lee Mujin talked about her preferred musical style, being inspired by BTS, and how she started singing opera.

Yunjin | @jenaissante/Instagram

When asked about the challenging singing style, the “FEARLESS” singer revealed that she had even planned on studying it in college, but it didn’t push through.

  • Lee Mujin: I realized that you have very solid basic vocal skills, and I heard that you did opera?
  • Yunjin: That’s right. I planned to major in opera at university.
Pre-debut photo

Continuing, she explained that her interest in it all started when she would accompany her grandmother to the choir. She eventually started taking lessons in middle school and went on to perform in musicals when she reached high school.

My grandmother is a vocalist, so I often went to the choir with her, and this naturally led me to have an interest in musical and opera. I started to take lessons during middle school, and I did musical as I entered high school.

— Yunjin

On that note, Lee Mujin asked her about the time she starred in The Phantom Of The Opera. “I saw a video of you playing The Phantom Of The Opera,” he said.

Yunjin in “Phantom Of The Opera” | @Anon Mouse/YouTube

Smiling, Yunjin shared that it was actually her first musical, and she auditioned for the role at school. She was selected to play Carlotta, and they even won a regional competition!

The video going around YouTube already has thousands of views, and it’s easy to see why. Her insane vocal skills left many viewers speechless.

People mention that video wherever I go. (Laughs) It was my first musical show. I auditioned for the musical show at my school, and I was selected for the role Carlotta. After performing the musical, we were nominated for the competition in our region, and that video is me performing during that competition.

— Yunjin

In the same episode, Yunjin opened up about feeling “like a nobody” in the United States. Learn how BTS gave her strength in the article below.

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