LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s New Instagram Post Confirms That She Is Still A Purple-Blooded ARMY

She’s holding onto that “bora city” residency.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin has quickly garnered a lot of fans with her amazing singing, dancing, songwriting, visuals, and relatable personality. But some people knew Yunjin way before she debuted with LE SSERAFIM.

She was pretty active on Twitter through her BTS fan account and even posted her pictures on “ARMY Selca Day,” a designated day of each month when ARMYs post their own pictures side by side with their favorite member’s photos.

It has been quite some time since she was last seen publicly fangirling over BTS. She progressed from being a stan to participating in Produce 48 and finally debuting under BTS’s parent label HYBE.

But becoming an idol has not affected her ARMY status at all, and her new Instagram post bears enough proof of it. Yunjin uploaded pictures taken in her room, featuring a wall full of artwork.

Eagle-eyed ARMYs immediately recognized two of those posters to be BTS-related. In fact, the first poster was identified by the creator themselves.

Later, some other fans also recognized another poster on her wall to be a BTS lyric fanart.

Fans were incredibly happy to see Yunjin’s genuine appreciation for BTS’s music and hoped she would meet her idols soon to get her full circle moment.