Here’s What LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam Has Been Up To After Her Hiatus Was Announced, According To Fans

Here are her recent whereabouts.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Garam made her debut in May 2022, which soon became a hot topic. Not long after she was announced as an official member, she was accused of school bullying. With multiple accusations of serious incidents being made against the star, she was soon put on hiatus with the group continuing their debut promotions as a team of five.

Just a month after her hiatus was announced, she appeared in a group photoshoot for the Japanese magazine, Non-no. The public was immediately enraged at her involvement in any promotions whilst the controversy is still ongoing. Many criticized HYBE for the decision to not remove her from the shoot.

Kim Garam, 4th from left. | Non-no

After the magazine was published, the public began hunting for Garam’s whereabouts. As earlier media reports claimed that HYBE had no intention of fully removing Garam from the group, the public believed that Garam was still very much under the company’s care. Although Garam has not had any official promotions, fans who visited the company were able to receive autographs from her.

A fan uploaded the following on Weverse, claiming that Garam must still be actively going to the company to practice with the girls. The post soon circulated on various Korean forums.

It appears she still goes to the agency to practice. Since they said nothing changed, [a fan] spotted Kim Garam going to the agency while on her hiatus.

— Nate Pann Netizen

On the other hand, a Thai fan had also run into Garam near the company building and received her autograph.

Another fan uploaded to Twitter a photo of her album that Kim Garam signed for her.

— Nate Pann Netizen

With Garam still actively participating in the company, the public speculates that she is unlikely to be cut from the group in the end. Garam’s fans were reassured that she is fine and well and that she may be joining the group soon.

Stay tuned for updates on Kim Garam and her potential return to LE SSERAFIM.

Source: Nate Pann

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