LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Is Going Viral After Being Spotted Working At A Food Truck In Gangnam Station

Sakura was serving more than her usual “slay” on this day.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura was sighted working at a food truck in the busy area of Gangnam station.

Sakura | HYBE

On November 7,  Twitter users @andthendawn and @doraei22 uploaded a video of the idol selling baked goods inside a food truck.

I saw LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura selling boonguh bbang. I’m uploading the video here as this is my official account.

— @andthen_dawn/Twitter

In the clip, Sakura can be seen selling boonguh bbang, a popular Korean street food consisting of a pastry (in the shape of a goldfish) with sweet red beans inside them.

| gangnam kong

In another Twitter post by @doraei22, Sakura is seen in a picture with GOT7‘s BamBam, raising further questions about what is going on.

A selfie with Sakura.

— @doraei22/Twitter

Turns out, the idols were filming for Sakura’s new web variety show, and the proceeds from the day would be donated to an animal center.

Netizens made sure not to miss out on the festivities. In a post that has gone viral, a netizen posted several photos of the idol working behind the truck.

Sakura | nate pann
| nate pann
| nate pann
| nate pann

Wow I saw Sakura and BamBam at Gangnam station! You’re able to get 2 free boonguh bbangs per person and the proceeds are donated to an animal center! All of this will be revealed on the November 24 episode of Sakura’s web variety show.

— @hmmnyanya/Twitter

Fellow netizens were not able to hold back their jealousy towards the fact the author was able to meet the idol.

  • “F@ck. How is it that whenever I’m at Gangnam station, nothing happens, and when I don’t go, a celebrity is there?”
  • “I think the cause is great, and Sakura’s wonderful on variety shows, so I bet it’ll be really fun.”
  • “She’s doing all of this on top of her music show appearances. Sakura is so ambitious.”
  • “This is great exposure for the show.”

Recently it was announced that Sakura would be headlining her own web variety show. Sakura and her group LE SSERAFIM also recently returned with their hit single “ANTIFRAGILE.” Check out the song in the link below!

Source: Nate Pann


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