Netizens Think LE SSERAFIM Were “Done Dirty” With Their Makeup In Latest Photoshoot

“Why would they do this to such pretty kids?”

LE SSERAFIM are the “queens” of concepts and can suit every style and look given to them, but netizens think they were done dirty by the makeup artist in a recent photoshoot.

The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

On May 15, the publication WWW (WhoWhatWear) released a photoshoot with the members. In the group photo, all the members looked sophisticated and elegant in beautiful dresses and it seemed very different from what netizens are used to seeing as they looked mature and sleek.


Each member also had their own photos.

Sakura‘s look was simple and sleek as she kept the makeup intricate but light to contrast with the boldly designed black dress.




Chaewon went for a bolder eye look and kept the rest of her makeup simple,  as her hair was slicked back and the dress and accessories were allowed to shine.







Yunjin‘s bold hair color was also slicked back, and the accessories were bold as an angelic white dress gave her a “goddess” look.





Kazuha‘s look was much darker than what netizens were used to, as her hair was slicked back and her dress bold and beautiful.





Youngest member, Eunchae, looked extremely mature but with an added touch of youth as she kept a similar hair and makeup look, but the textured dress was a bit more adventurous and fun compared to the other members.





When the photos were released, Korean netizens had mixed reactions to the unique styling for the Western publication. Although many netizens thought the members looked pretty and were wowed by the concept, some thought the makeup didn’t suit them. In particular, many focused on how the makeup made the members look, pointing out that it didn’t showcase their beauty, and others thought the photographer didn’t allow the members to shine.




| theqoo
  • “The makeup is sad, even though the members themselves are pretty.”
  • “Who did the makeup… Seriously.”
  • “Their makeup is… Did a professional do it? Even the photo selection seems off. Why would they do this to such pretty girls?”
  • “I don’t even understand how this is the best work the photographer got when working with such beautiful women.”
  • “This is from a foreign magazine, right? Foreign magazines often have these kinds of weird photo shoots. It was like this for my idol, too. Haha!”
  • “It feels like the makeup was done by a foreigner who isn’t familiar with Asian facial features. 😂”
  • “What even is a photoshoot…”
  • “No one looks good.”
  • “Is this from another country?!”

Many fans believe that all the members of LE SSERAFIM are beautiful, but they didn’t believe this particular styling allowed their visuals to shine.

Source: theqoo


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