Leaked Audio Recording Of JMS Internal Meeting Reveals The Cult Teaching Followers That Netflix Falsified Evidence Against Its Leader

They tried to justify the audio tapes where Jeong Myeong Seok was caught sexually assaulting a female member.

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Netflix’s docu-series In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal has hit the world hard as it uncovered the corruption and crimes of certain cults in South Korea. Among those, the JMS cult, also known as the Providence Church, has grabbed the most attention as viewers all over the world were left in shock over the disgusting sexual crimes of Jeong Myeon Seok, the cult’s leader.

Jeong is already a convicted rapist, having spent a decade in prison over three rape charges. But according to insiders, most followers were brainwashed into believing that he was framed for crimes he didn’t commit. However, Netflix’s documentary provided a damning piece of evidence against Jeong— an audio recording provided by Jeong’s victim Maple Yip while she was being sexually assaulted by Jeong.

Maple Yip exposed the sexual crimes of Jeong that continued after his release from prison | Netflix

In the audio recording, Jeong can be heard asking Yip if she had org*smed, and then he said while laughing, “I came 50 times.” According to an ex-JMS follower, the evidence provided in the documentary has influenced a lot of followers to leave the cult. But its higher-ups have allegedly got to work trying to convince the followers otherwise.

On March 16, former members of the JMS cult leaked a recorded file titled The education on the JMS trial situation.” The audio file is allegedly from an internal educational session at the Wolmyeong-dong Training Center, the heart of the JMS cult and the residence of Jeong Myeong Seok. The meeting was held on March 16, which is Jeong’s birthday. JMS followers commemorate the day every year with extravagant celebrations and call it the “316 Rapture Anniversary.”

| myprovidencehub.com

In the recording, an alleged JMS executive can be heard telling the followers that the audio tape where Jeong said he “came 50 times” was fabricated. The executive explained that in the tape, Jeong was not talking about anything sexual, but he was referring to Maple’s diarrhea.

(In the recording) Maple tells him that she has diarrhea so teacher (Jung Myung Seok) tells her that she needs to drink Wolmyeong water to take out the toxins in her body. He then asks her how many times she had diarrhea while explaining, ‘I drink a lot of water so I’ve had (diarrhea) 50 times.’ They edited that part.

—JMS executives explanation to followers

Wolmyeong-water is considered a kind of holy water among JMS followers who believe that it has miraculous healing properties. In the audio tape, Jeong could be heard asking Maple, “Mul nawasseo?” Here, “mul” means water, but the full phrase refers to female ejaculation. However, according to the JMS executive’s explanation that the “mul” in question is the holy water of Wolmyeong.

Apart from this justification, the executive in the audio also claims that the place Maple alleged to be raped by Jeong is a room made of glass, and hence the rape couldn’t have occurred there since everyone outside would’ve been able to see it, including Jeong’s secretary. Pastor Kim Kyeong Cheon¸ the former vice-president of JMS, however, refuted the claim.

One of the places where the sexual assaults occurred is known to be the blue-tiled house where Jung Myung Seok lives in Wolmyeong-dong Training Center. It’s a regular house. So how can an outsider know what’s going on in a private room? He (what the educator) claims is a lie.

—Pastor Kim Kyeong Cheon

Netizens couldn’t help but mock these alleged attempts at covering up Jeong Myeong Seok’s crimes.

| Naver
  • “Saying that they were playing Gostop would’ve been a better excuse than whatever this disgusting lie is.”
  • “It’s so disgusting, a normal punishment wouldn’t suffice. These people need to be incinerated with a flamethrower or something. From the leader to the followers, all of them.”
  • “Wait, they had all this time to think of an excuse, and the best they could come up with was diarrhea? Pathetic.”
  • “You’re saying they actually believe it? LOL. Hasn’t the reality hit them yet?”
  • “These disciples are beasts disguised as humans…Jeong Myeong Seok, I hope you get a life sentence!!”
Source: Kukmin Ilbo