LEAKED VIDEO: Lee Tae Im vs Yewon cursing incident

Earlier in the month, we reported on the controversy surrounding Lee Tae Im and Yewon’s cursing incident during the filming of MBC‘s Tutoring Across Generations.” Now, the video of the incident has been leaked.

The incident died down after Dispatch released a transcript of the video, because the actual footage could not be found. However, the video has now finally been leaked from anonymous sources causing the controversy to resurface again.

Lee Taeim: Hey~~
Yewon: Is it cold? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: Ya it’s really cold you should try going in
Yewon: No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: You don’t want to? It’s okay for other people to go in and you just want to watch?
Yewon: No No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: Are you speaking informally?
Yewon: No No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: Do I look like a pushover?
Yewon: It’s just cold (Informally) Unni you don’t like me do you? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: Why are you looking at me like that
Yewon: Huh? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: You can’t see straight right now can you (You don’t know your place)
Staff: Huh huh? What?
Lee Taeim: Fu——ing bi—— really
Staff: Why are you doing this Taeim
Lee Taeim: She’s speaking informally to me who does this bi—— think she is?
Staff: Let’s just get out of the way come on come on
Lee Taeim: Fix your stare if you don’t want to get beat up. The fact that you’re a celebrity you’re going to forever, forever…
Staff: Director!!
(Lee Taeim leaves the scene)
Yewon: That crazy bi—— really
Staff: You did nothing wrong

Netizens have been commenting on the issue with their side, mostly showing their disappointment at Yewon for her attitude.

[+ 20660, – 2560] Yewon was at fault first she’s got some nerve

[+ 18347, – 1728] I saw the video and Lee Taeim must be choked…I’m disappointed at Yewon

[+ 17663, – 1473] It looks like Yewon did provoke her a little first

[+ 16543, – 1259] Yewon pretending she’s the victim ….

[+ 6856, – 244] Yewon “That Crazy Bitch really” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she said she never even spoke informally and she even swore ㅋㅋ

[+ 4965, – 129] Applause to the brave person who released this video if it wasn’t for that person, Lee Taeim would have been remembered as a psycho and Yewon as a saint.

Source: My Daily


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