A Source Close To Actor Lee Beom Soo Denies Abuse Allegations, Blames The Actor’s Passion For Misunderstanding

The source stated the actor’s passion had been misconstrued.

A source close to Lee Beom Soo denied allegations that the actor had abused his influence over students.

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On December 7, news outlet JTBC released an article in which a source close to the actor denied allegations that the actor had discriminated against his students based on their economic backgrounds.

Professor Lee Beom Soo doesn’t discriminate against (students) based on their economic situation. For him (Lee Beom Soo), sincerity and dedication are most important. He doesn’t care for students who are lazy. Those around him who have seen this had even told him to stop caring so much.

— Lee Beom Soo’s acquaintance

The source stated that, most likely, the allegations stemmed from a misunderstanding and blamed the actor’s passion for his students as a probable cause.

It’s because of his (Lee Beom Soo) passion and high standards (that the misunderstanding occurred). Because he is splitting his time as an actor and teaching, he isn’t able to stick to the (school’s) schedule. Because of this, once he does teach class, he teaches until late in the evening. Although to him (Lee Beom Soo), he is being passionate, for a number of his students this may put them in a tough situation. Because this (Lee Beom Soo teaching late) will throw their schedule in limbo. Because Lee Beom Soo teaches well past his scheduled class and even past midnight, students may have issue with this. Those around Lee Beom Soo have told him before not to do too much and to keep class schedules.

— Lee Beom Soo’s acquaintance

The source also revealed that students weren’t split up into two classes based on their economic background but on their sincerity and dedication.

(The class was split up based on) student’s dedication. His standards are too high. His desire to help create an actor that he can stake his reputation on is too much. (Because of this) half of his students must have had a hard time keeping up.

— Lee Beom Soo’s acquaintance

The source then expressed regret that Lee Beom Soo’s passion has been misconstrued as abusing his influence.

If there are many students who can’t keep up with (Lee Beom Soo’s) high standards, do the words of those students become true? It’s regrettable to see Lee Beom Soo’s passion become misconstrued as abusing his influence.

— Lee Beom Soo

Earlier, Lee Beom Soo was alleged to have abused his influence over students. A student accused the actor of discriminating against his poorer students and claimed the student had to become a “slave” for the professor. Lee Beom Soo is currently splitting his time between his acting career and being the Department Dean Of Performance Arts at Shinhan University.

Actor Lee Beom Soo Is Hit With Allegations That He Abused His Influence Over Students — His Agency Responds


Source: JTBC
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