Lee Chaeyeon Finally Talks About Being From A Rich Family, But There’s A Hilarious Plot Twist

She finally spoke up.

Lee Chaeyeon was known by the public to have been born into what one would call a “golden spoon” family. When her house was shown in a video clip during her IZ*ONE days, it made waves for how luxurious it looked.

Chaeyeon showing off her house.

Even a pre-debut photo of her sister ITZY‘s Chaeryeong garnered attention for the Gucci bag she was toting.

| Nate Pann

Chaeyeon recently appeared on Tak Jae Hoon‘s YouTube show to promote her new single. On the show, they also asked about her reputation as someone born into a rich family!

Chaeyeon finally spoke up on the rumors. Although her house looked expensive with all the marble flooring, it was actually not as expensive as it looked.

About my house, because [the flooring] is marble, it looks really good (expensive) but actually, the price of the house isn’t all that… My father just has a job at a company. I’m not a golden spoon.

— Lee Chaeyeon

The house is indeed her family’s, but she declined that she was a golden spoon. She revealed the surprising reason for not denouncing the rumors all this time.

There’s no need for me to explain it. Because my mom told me to live life looking rich. I think I’ve gotten brainwashed by my mom. To not look too easy, to always live to look like you’re rich even if you’re not.

— Chaeyeon

Although she said it with an air of humor, Chaeyeon’s family is indeed pretty well-off! They may not be the richest but given how they were able to support two siblings on their road to becoming an idol, they must have some financial ease! Catch the rest of Chaeyeon’s appearance on the show below.

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