Lee Dong Wook Looking Broken Hearted After The Final Episode Of Produce X 101 Leaves Fans Devastated

He seemed very emotional.

Actor Lee Dong Wook, who has grown very attached to the trainees during his time as the host of the show PRODUCE X 101, was spotted on camera looking completely broken hearted after the last episode aired – and it’s leaving the viewers devastated.


The actor received just as much attention as the trainees, not only for his excellent visual, but also for his kindhearted nature toward everyone on the show. He immediately became titled as one of the best show hosts to have graced the Produce 101 series.


Lee Dong Wook went viral for his good-willed attitude toward the struggling trainees…

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… and for being a good friend, hyung, and mentor to these aspiring K-Pop rookies!

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And after the final episode of PRODUCE X 101 aired, with him revealing the final 11 members to form the group X1, Lee Dong Wook was caught on camera looking both physically and mentally exhausted and completely drained.


Viewers are realizing the final episode must have been emotional for Lee Dong Wook as well, because not only did the filming last for hours, but he also had to announce the elimination of the trainees that he cared for so much.


Lee Dong Wook was heard throughout the final episode apologizing to the trainees who didn’t make the top 11. And viewers could almost his heart being shattered on the floor…


PRODUCE X 101 fans are now leaving grateful messages for Lee Dong Wook. Viewers look forward to Lee Dong Wook continue rooting for the new group X1 and keeping in touch with the trainees whom he have grown to love and support.

Source: Nate Pann