Lee Gikwang hopes Highlight will become more popular than BEAST

Lee Gikwang‘s revealed that his one wish for 2017 is for Highlight to become more popular than BEAST.

In a recent episode of MBC‘s Entertainment Weekly, reporter Shin Go Eun visited Highlight’s debut showcase and was able to talk to the members about their brand new start.

The first question asked was why did the group choose Highlight as their group name.

“We chose that becuase Highlight was the name of our last album we released as BEAST.”

Highlight Dongwoon

The Highlight members also set up their own agency called Around Us Entertainment. Yoseob revealed that another candidate for their agency’s name was With Us Entertainment, but they didn’t go with that as it sounded like a convenience store name.

Gi Kwang was later asked what the one wish he would like to come true in 2017 would be, and he honestly answered.

“I would like it if Highlight becomes more popular than BEAST.”

Highlight Gikwang

The Highlight members chose not to re-sign with Cube Entertainment back in October 2016 and decided to give up their former group name BEAST. It was also revealed that Cube Entertainment lost a large amount of money due to their departure.

Source: Asiae