Lee Hangyul Describes The Pain Of Having To Debut 4 Times

The disbandment of X1 hit him extra hard.

BAE173‘s Lee Hangyul, also known as former X1 member, shared his feelings about having debuted four times in his career on the YouTube channel Idol Olympics.

Lee Hangyul has debuted through groups, IM66, IM, X1, and BAE173.

| @official_bae173/Instagram

And he even showed his face to the world through two difficult audition programs.

He unfortunately didn’t make it to the debut group on KBS‘s The Unit, but his wish came true when he made it on Mnet‘s Produce X 101.

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With the Produce X 101 group X1 having disbanded shortly after the debut due to the voting manipulation controversy, Lee Hangyul opened up about how he really felt during that time.

That was one of the times in my life when I felt the most empty. We worked really hard to release an album. We released one album and disbanded. I feel so empty.

— Lee Hangyul

He even confessed that he considered giving up becoming an idol altogether after the disappointing experience.

I was just so disappointed. I really want to reunite with them again one day. I even considered giving up my dream of becoming an idol. Debuting, training, debuting, and then training again was really exhausting.

— Lee Hangyul

But thanks to the support of his fans, Lee Hangyul kept his spirits high and debuted again with BAE173 last year.

Lee Hangyul has been through a lot, so here’s hoping it works out this time!

Check out the full interview below:

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