Lee Hi To Make First Comeback In 3 Years

She waited this long for the music she wanted to do.

On May 20th, YG Entertainment released a teaser for Lee Hi‘s comeback on their official blog.

This will be Lee Hi’s first comeback in 3 years.


YG Entertainment stated the reason behind Lee Hi’s long hiatus:

It’s because (Lee Hi) gave her best for this album to create the music that she liked.

ㅡ YG Entertainment


The agency also announced that she will consistently release new songs and continue to promote throughout this year.

We were able to prepare numerous tracks during the long hiatus and therefore, we anticipate consistent new releases and promotions this year starting from this album. The music video for the title song has already been filmed and we plan to announce the official date soon and continue with broadcast promotions.

ㅡ YG Entertainment


Lee Hi swept the music charts with her title tracks “Breathe” and “Hold My Hand” in her last album, SEOULITE.


It has since been announced numerous times that she would make a comeback since August 2017.


She even broke down in tears talking about her frustrations of not being able to do what she loves.


On March 1, Yang Hyun Suk shared a post on Instagram promising fans 2 comebacks for Lee Hi in 2019.


Three years later, Lee Hi is finally returning to her fans. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Tenasia