Lee Hi’s Hilariously Honest Truth About How Idols Get Perfect Skin

Her answer was so honest, it’s cracking us up.

What’s the real secret to getting perfect skin just like a K-Pop idol? While various stars have given their own tips, Lee Hi recently shared how she gets her complexion so radiant—and her answer was so honest, it’s cracking us up.

When idols are asked how they make their skin look so flawless, everyone has a different answer. Some stars with cosmetics endorsements under their belts may recommend the skincare products they’ve been promoting, while others make us jealous by revealing they were born with perfect complexions. And, of course, many idols have divulged some very useful and authentic skincare tips, like double cleansing and moisturizing thoroughly.

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However, all that being said, there’s one truth about flawless skin that most celebrities never talk about—until Lee Hi spilled all in a recent interview for W KOREA. When ask what she always does to keep her skin beautiful throughout busy schedules, the “ONLY” singer had one word in mind…

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… money! “The first tool needed…” she laughed, “You first need money to go on skincare, guys!”

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While it may hurt to hear if your bank balance isn’t looking too good, Lee Hi says the reality is that you do need to spend money—likely on dermatologist appointments and effective treatments—to get skin like an idol’s. She even joked, “People who say that they had innate beautiful skin are liars.

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Lee Hi went on to explain that when she started out as a singer in her teenage years, she didn’t even put much effort into cleansing her face. Now, at 25 years old, she says she spends money to receive skincare and maintain a good complexion. That said, if you can’t afford high-quality skincare like Lee Hi, she did share another tip anyone can follow.

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The second important thing [is that] you have to cleanse your face properly,” Lee Hi reveals. Now she’s wearing a mask all day due to the pandemic, she says she does get some skin troubles. To keep them at bay, she makes sure to wash her face well.

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Source: W KOREA
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