Lee Hye Sung’s Boyfriend Jun Hyun Moo Bought A New Car Just For Their Dates

But it was an epic fail.

Former KBS announcer, Lee Hye Sung recently appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star and dished about her relationship with fellow announcer, Jun Hyun Moo.

Last year, Lee Hye Sung personally shared the news of her relationship with Jun Hyun Moo, and it gained much attention to their 15-year age gap.


Regarding the public announcement, Lee Hye Sung explained,

I didn’t know what else to do. Since it wasn’t something I could hide just because I wanted to, I decided to make the announcement.

— Lee Hye Sung

She also shared an adorable story about how Jun Hyun Moo bought a brand new car just for their dates.

In order to go on dates, Jun Hyun Moo bought a new car that has never been shown on broadcast.

— Lee Hye Sung

But the problem was the car color.

The car was a red SUV. It was as if he was advertising that it was Jun Hyun Moo in the car.

— Lee Hye Sung

And as soon as the rumor got out that he had a red car, Jun Hyun Moo took action.

Someone even asked him if he had a red car. The rumor got out. So a few days later, he adorably got it wrapped in black.

— Lee Hye Sung

As if that’s not sweet enough, Lee Hye Sung also shared a story about how whenever she posts photos of her baked goods or cooked dishes, Jun Hyun Moo likes all of them.

But the problem is how the news perceives it.

I’ve always liked to bake and cook. But when Jun Hyun Moo likes all my photos, the news make it sound like I’m taking bridal classes to get ready for marriage.

— Lee Hye Sung

It doesn’t sound easy being in a relationship as celebrities, but their relationship sounds absolutely adorable.

Source: Dispatch