Actor Lee Je Hoon Changes His Views Of A Huge Age Gap Between Him And His Future Partner

His views changed after turning 40.

Actor Lee Je Hoon might be one of the hottest actors to date, but did you know that the heartthrob is actually 40 years old in South Korea in 2023?

Lee Je Hoon | Company On

While it might be hard to believe for some, the baby-faced star is already 17 years into his career.

During a recent promotional interview for SBS‘s Taxi Driver, co-star Pyo Ye Jin brought up a past clip of Lee Je Hoon’s. In the clip, a fan had asked him about his thoughts on dating someone nine years younger than him. He had famously cut her off strictly with a quick “no, that’s not possible.

Screenshot of the clip from 10 years ago. | SBS

The question was rehashed in the present day, where Lee Je Hoon surprised everyone with his changed views on the topic. Now, as he is freshly 40, he doesn’t have qualms about age gaps any longer. He even expressed how lonely he was getting, begging to be able to find someone to date.

That was almost ten years ago. Now [that I’ve turned 40], I don’t care if someone is older or younger than me. Right now, I’m so lonely I might die. I hope that someone — anyone, comes. Please.

— Lee Je Hoon

He even got on his knees for the moment.

Well, we don’t think that will be a huge problem! With his suaveness and capabilities, it’s only a matter of time before we hear the wedding bells ring for the star! Catch the interview below.

Source: SBS