Lee Jinhyuk’s Heartbreaking Letter After Elimination Resurfaces In Light Of Vote Manipulation Update

He took full responsibility for his elimination when it was actually due to voting fraud.

The court recently revealed the names of the Produce 101 trainees who were unfairly eliminated due to PD Ahn Joon Young‘s vote manipulation, one of which was UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk.

According to the update, Lee Jinhyuk was unfairly eliminated during the 4th round of eliminations due to voting fraud.


That means he was originally supposed to debut with X1.

But instead, he was eliminated in 11th place, and he even shed tears on stage due to the disappointing result.

And in a following letter, Lee Jinhyuk expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, which has now resurfaced in light of the reveal that he was a victim of vote manipulation.

I was really happy. It was vibrant as if precious rained upon my desolate life. I loved the stage more than anybody, and I take pride in the fact that that’s not a lie whatsoever.

— Lee Jinhyuk

What’s even more devastating is the fact that he took responsibility for the results and promise to do better, not knowing that his elimination was due to voting fraud.

It’ll be more fun from now on. I’ll work hard so that I can become Lee Jinhyuk who can be liked and acknowledged by anyone through a variety of performances.

— Lee Jinhyuk

Following his elimination, Lee Jinhyuk returned as a member of UP10TION, released a solo album, and even appeared in the MBC drama, Find Me in Your Memory earlier this year.

Source: Insight