Lee Jong Suk Keeps Promise With Fans, Holds Philippines Fan Meeting Despite Jakarta Detention

His love for his fans is unstoppable.

Lee Jong Suk will reportedly be holding his fan meeting in the Philippines despite his recent detention in Jakarta to keep his promise with his fans.

According to numerous sources, Lee Jong Suk will be holding his Asian fan meeting tour “Crank Up” in the Philippines on the 18th as planned.


Earlier this month when the actor visited Jakarta, Indonesia as part of the “Crank Up” tour, he was detained after the local agencies failed to properly report profits from his fan meeting.

Lee Jong Suk Finally Returns To Korea After Being Detained In Jakarta


Lee Jong Suk had personally shared a post on his SNS account, notifying the situation to his fans and expressing his frustration over the situation.

“Thankfully, I finished my fan meeting well 😊

But all of my staff and I are currently stuck in Jakarta. I think we’ve been detained since yesterday.. The local promoter, Yes24, reported their revenue from the event to the tax office, but they’ve taken the passports of my staff and I – who have nothing to do with the revenue reports.

I hope for the fast solution by Yes24, their agency The Creative Lab, and Yumetomo.

This is my first time experiencing something like this, so I don’t know what to do.. (Mom, I’m coming home late today… 😅”

— Lee Jong Suk


Lee Jong Suk’s agency, A-man Project, later explained in an official statement that the issue was a result of improper handling by their agencies, Yumetomo and The Creative Lab, and local promoter, Yes24. They added that legal action was being prepared against these agencies for the incident.

Lee Jong Suk’s Agency Explains What Happened In Jakarta


After the frustrating incident, it would not have been strange for Lee Jong Suk to cancel his Philippines fan meeting but the actor, who is known to care for his fans especially well, has decided to repay the love and support he received from his fans in the Philippines and attend the event.


This upcoming fan meeting is more significant in the fact that it is his first fan meeting in the Philippines. All 3,000 tickets were immediately sold out and additional tickets that were released after fan requests are also completely sold out.


A-man Project stated that the agency had tried to dissuade Lee Jong Suk from attending the event due to the previous incident, but the actor was insistent on holding the fan meeting.

“Because of the recent incident, we have tried to dissuade [Lee Jong Suk] from holding the event but the actor was intent on holding the fan meeting. As it is the last fan meeting of the year, we plan to give our full attention to safety and preparations for a beautiful conclusion.”

ㅡ A-man Project


Fans are touched by the actor’s love and care towards his fans and have been wishing him a safe trip.

  • “Lee Jong Suk is the best when it comes to caring for his fansㅠㅠ hope it goes well”
  • “He made a difficult decision…hope he has a wonderful time with his fans and comes back energized”
  • “He really loves his fans…thank you again and again~”
  • “I can’t believe he’s still going after what he had to endure ㅠㅠ he truly loves his fans ㅠㅠ please come back safely”
  • “He’s really the best to his fans ㅠㅠ please have a good time on your first Philippine fan meeting”
  • “Although I’m worried, since he says he’s going for his fans ㅜㅜ please come back safely”
Source: Osen and Naver