Lee Jong Suk’s Past Interview About His Ideal Type And Potential Marriage Desires Resurface After Dating News With IU

Where can we get someone like him?

IU and Lee Jong Suk were reported to be dating by Dispatch. Their respective agencies soon confirmed the news. They were reported to have been dating for four months now. The two were close colleagues for a long time.

After the news was confirmed, netizens began to think back to a past interview Lee Jong Suk gave. Around early 2022, Lee Jong Suk interviewed with ELLE Magazine. In the interview, he discussed his ideal type and recent thoughts.

His ideal type? A wise and cute person!

I want her to be wise, resilient, someone I can respect, and more than anything, I hope she’s adorable.

— Lee Jong Suk

IU is known to be one of the wisest and most resilient celebrities, given what she had gone through. From a difficult past with poverty to experiencing much hate during her “23” era, IU definitely comes to mind when describing a resilient person. IU is also the textbook definition of cute!

Regarding marriage plans, Lee Jong Suk had the model answer.

Seeing my past interviews when I was in my 20s, I had once answered that I wanted to get married fast when I was my youngest and prettiest. Now, if I have a long time of rest since I’ve come to an age where marriage is not odd, I wonder what it would be like if I could take classes on how to become a husband. I don’t know. I have many fantasies and ideals about family and family life. Such things like cooking or learning to give massages to my future wife. Well, I guess won’t there be many different classes to take to create a beautiful family?

— Lee Jong Suk

We want a boyfriend like him too! IU is one lucky girl.