Lee Joon and Jung So Min Have Ended Their Relationship After 3 Years

They have ended their relationship.

Lee Joon and Jung So Min have ended their relationship after dating for 3 years.

According to an exclusive report from Dispatch, Lee Joon and Jung So Min recently ended their relationship, deciding to remain good junior-senior friends and support each other. The two met through the drama Father is Strange in 2017, and started dating after the drama ended.

They spent a lot of time apart. They had a lot of schedules, so they drifted away from each other. They have decided to just focus on their own work now.

— Source to Dispatch

Both Lee Joon’s agency Prain TPC and Jung So Min’s agency Blossom Entertainment confirmed the news in their short statements.

It’s true that he has ended his relationship with Jung So Min. He will show everyone a good side of him with his new work.

— Prain TPC

She recently broke up with Lee Joon. The two will remain good colleagues.

— Blossom Entertainment

Currently, Lee Joon is considering making his comeback with Netflix‘s new drama Sea of Silence, where he would work with Gong Yoo and Bae Doo Na. Jung So Min’s KBS drama Soul Mechanic just finished airing, and she is currently preparing for her next work.

Lee Joon and Jung So Min were revealed to be dating during Dispatch’s 2018 January 1st reveal, and the two were spotted together having a lovely date in Cheongdam-dong.

Source: Dispatch, Ilgan Sports and Sports Donga