“Running Man” Members Say Goodbye To Lee Kwang Soo On His Last Broadcast

Good luck to him on his future endeavors!

SBS’s Running Man will be airing its last broadcast with Lee Kwang Soo. On this episode, they will reveal the members saying their final goodbyes to him.

For the last broadcast, they will be airing a Goodbye My Special Brother race. For this race, they will be able to reduce the “crimes” committed by Lee Kwang Soo by visiting locations that hold special memories together. 

Although the members joked and laughed it off about Lee Kwang Soo leaving the show, they expressed their sadness in their own ways during the last day of recording with him. 

The oldest member Ji Seok Jin was seen patting Lee’s head and hugging him, expressing unfamiliar behaviors that he normally didn’t do. Lee Kwang Soo commented, “Honestly, Im the most sad because you don’t say a word or make eye contact when the cameras are on.”

Kim Jong Kook commented, “We’re going to see Lee Kwang Soo outside of the broadcast anyway.”

Haha added, “Did you really want to do this to us,” as Lee responded, “I don’t like things like this,” and made everyone laugh.

The youngest member Yang Se Chan persuaded Lee until the end, “Viewers will understand if you take back leaving the show.”

Stay tuned to see how the members send off Lee Kwang Soo in their own ways on June 13 at 5 PM KST.

Source: xportsnews

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