Lee Min Jung returns to Korea, following husband Lee Byung Hun

Following her husband who had discreetly returned to South Korea on November 21st from California, actress Lee Min Jung has been reported to be in Korea as well, having left for her hometown on November 22nd.Lee Byung Hun completed his schedules overseas, including being the honorary ambassador and fulfilling production commitments for his next Hollywood film. Lee Min Jung, however, had no schedules and was known to be resting in the US alongside her husband. Now, she too has returned to their home and will also be rejoining entertainment industry activities later next month, according to her agency MS Entertainment. She left in the late evening of November 22nd in secrecy, as the case with her husband, model Lee Jiyeon, and GLAM’s Dahee is still ongoing as of today.

The two have made their amends as a couple, though his trials are still ongoing. The actor did not attend the first court trial that ensued on November 16th, though he will be present on the next court trial on November 24th according to his agency representative from BH Entertainment.

This issue began from early September, when GLAM’s Dahee and Lee Jiyeon blackmailed the actor with an allegedly obscene video that was recorded secretly. They had attempted to extort money from Lee Byung Hun, but they were subsequently caught, Dahee was arrested, and now the two may face serious sentences.

Source: Star News