Lee Seung Gi Claims Kang Ho Dong Was Really Angry During This One Scene On “Knowing Bros”

Because of their history, he knows how to read Kang Ho Dong.

Lee Seung Gi has had a long history with comedian Kang Ho Dong. The two have worked together on such variety shows like 1 Night 2 Days, and Strong Heart, so it’s fair to say that they know each other pretty well.


His ability to read Kang Ho Dong’s emotions were on full display during a recent episode of Knowing Bros, when he shared an incident when he could tell Kang Ho Dong was really mad!


Lee Seung Gi explained that when the two first started working together, he was careful around Kang Ho Dong.

“When I used to work with Ho Dong, I had a lot of pressure to be funny. So after a broadcast, I told him ‘if I said something to offend you to be funny, please don’t think badly of me.'” — Lee Seung Gi


Kang Ho Dong responded by telling Lee Seung Gi to just be comfortable around him.

“Ho Dong told me ‘if it’s for you to be funny, you can even slap me on the cheek!’ I was really touched when he told me that.” — Lee Seung Gi


It’s a good thing that Lee Seung Gi didn’t take Kang Ho Dong up on his offer, however, because he saw how he reacted to fellow Knowing Bros cast member, Min Kyung Hoon!

“But if I really slapped him on the cheek, I probably would have died. I could tell that Ho Dong was really mad when Min Kyung Hoon jump-kicked him during a skit.” — Lee Seung Gi


Lee Seung Gi further analyzed Kang Ho Dong’s reaction, and explained why he knew he was mad.

“They edited his reaction, but even then you could tell he was really mad. Normally, Ho Dong would laugh right away, but you could see him think about it 3 times.” — Lee Seung Gi


Finally, Kang Ho Dong admitted that Lee Seung Gi read him correctly!

“You jumped to attack me. I avoided the attack with my athleticism.” — Kang Ho Dong


Check out a clip from the segment below:

Lee Seung Gi