Lee Seung Gi Hysterically Falls To His Knees During The Finale Of “Sing Again”

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Warning: spoilers ahead.

JTBC‘s highly popular competition reality show, Sing Again has finally aired its last episode on February 8th. The three month long program came to an end and finally declared a winner for the season. It was during this finale episode that the host and singer Lee Seung Gi was hilariously forced onto his knees.

Lee Seung Gi’s “Sing Again” poster | JTBC

Sing Again was a second-chance competition show, providing an opportunity for unknown singers or singers who were once known in the past that may have lost their spotlight to stand on stage again. This show was produced by the makers of Sugar Man and featured a star studded panel including Yoo Hee Yeol, lyricist Kim Ea NaSuper Junior‘s KyuhyunWINNER‘s Song Mino and more. The first episode aired back in November of 2020, making this a three month long variety survival program.

“Sing Again” poster | JTBC

The show saw massive success, breaking viewership ratings episode by episode. The finale saw a surge in popularity after it was revealed that Lee Seung Yoon was the crowned winner.

Winner of “Sing Again”, Lee Seung Yoon | JTBC

It was during the very last moment before Lee Seung Yoon was declared as the winner, however, that Lee Seung Gi did something that cracked up the entire studio. While he was preparing himself to announce the winner, Lee Seung Gi collapsed onto his knees!

Still of “Sing Again” | JTBC

Now, why did he do such a thing? It was all because right before he was set to announce the winner of this Sing Again season, he saw that there was a commercial about to go live!

Caption “We will continue after a 60 second break” | JTBC

I’m so sorry! Commercial again!

— Lee Seung Gi

After the commercial, viewers could clearly see the two finalists were cracking up next to Lee Seung Gi while he continued his commentating on his knees.

Still of “Sing Again” | JTBC

You all waited a long time to hear the results of the winner of Sing Again. I waited on my knees for the duration of the commercial with the same hearts as all the viewers.

— Lee Seung Gi

The studio, the panel and the finalists could not stop laughing at Lee Seung Gi’s ridiculous act! Lee Seung Gi definitely has a knack for hosting and for keeping all the viewers engaged. You can check out the exact moment that caused Lee Seung Gi to fall to his knees, down below!

Source: WikiTree and Instagram