Lee Seung Gi Calls TV Personality’s Ex Husband A Psychopath On Air

“On our way to finalize our divorce, he hummed a song under his breath, forever scarring me.”

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi lost his cool on the most recent episode of Circle House.

On the episode of SBS‘s Circle House aired on April 14, single mom and TV personality Kim Chae Yoon, who married and divorced a Chinese man, told her story.

Kim Chae Yoon | @yoong2.gram/Instagram

Kim Chae Yoon revealed that she rejected her ex-husband’s wishes for a divorce but relented under the condition that she was given full custody of their daughter.

On our way to finalize our divorce, he hummed a song under his breath, forever scarring me.

-Kim Chae Yoon

She revealed a particularly painful moment. After relenting to her husband’s divorce requests, the two were on their way to finalize their divorce when her now ex-husband started humming a song.

Kim Chae Yoon | Circle House/SBS

Lee Seung Gi, known for his calm demeanor, immediately upon hearing this called the ex-husband a psychopath, while actress Park Jae Min replied, “You made the right decision in bringing your daughter with you (to Korea).”

Lee Seung Gi | Circle House/SBS

When asked if she still kept in touch with her ex-husband, Kim Chae Yoon replied, “I wanted my daughter to have a relationship with her father still. If it weren’t for COVID-19, I would want them to meet, but he ignored my messages when I sent him pictures of her.” She also revealed that he has changed his messenger background to another woman and confessed, “I feel he may have forgotten about his daughter altogether.

Kim Chae Yoon and her daughter | @yoong2.gram/Instagram

Kim Chae Yoon also stated she received only ₩200,000 KRW (about $162 USD) monthly in alimony. Her ex-husband’s father is a high-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party who has a large business; therefore, suing them for more would be futile.

The TV personality stated along with the alimony, she is making do with ₩200,000 KRW (about $162 USD) in government assistance along with ₩1.50 million KRW (about $1,220 USD) she receives for teaching in afterschool. She tearfully confessed, “If my daughter stayed in China, she would have been raised without the need for money, and I fear I might have made the wrong decision bringing her with me.” Actress Han Ga In consoled her by saying that her daughter would soon understand her decision.

Kim Chae Yoon (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right) on Circle House | Circle House/SBS

Kim Chae Yoon first garnered fame through appearing on the hit dating show Return Again (translated title), where she first revealed her divorce and subsequently became a single mom. Many viewers of the show have become supporters of her and are cheering on the personality’s upcoming endeavors.

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