Lee Seung Gi Says He Considered Quitting As Soon As He Found Success As A Singer

“The happiness you feel while you do music is brief.”

Lee Seung Gi is one of the hosts of JTBC‘s Sing Again, and as a successful entertainer who started off as a singer, he opened up truthfully about the slumps he experienced in his career.

In an interview ahead of the premiere, Lee Seung Gi revealed why he decided to join the audition program for unknown or forgotten singers.

I decided to join the show because I loved the concept. I noticed that really good singers with good songs have been waiting to receive attention from the public once again. I’m really looking forward to the first episode.

— Lee Seung Gi

But what gained particular attention was when he confessed to the troubles he faced when he first took off.

When my debut song, ‘Because You’re My Woman’ hit it big, I had a lot to think about.

— Lee Seung Gi



According to Lee Seung Gi, his success caused him to question whether he was deserving of the attention he received.

I wondered if I deserved to be a celebrity. I felt limited in terms of my talent and ability.

— Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi shared that the happiness you feel as a singer is quite short and that things could feel particularly difficult for that reason.

The happiness you feel while you do music is brief. The hard work you do in the studio, the frustration you feel when things don’t go very well… But if you endure all of this, a moment of joy finds you eventually.

— Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi may have started off as a singer, but he went on to find success as an actor and TV host as well.

There’s much anticipation for what he’ll have to contribute to Sing Again, which is set to premiere on November 16.

Source: Dispatch

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